Flexible avenues for making a behavioral health referral that fits your current system:

Network Group

• Your organization may send, receive, assign, and track referrals using the Referral Management System.

• Choose a treatment source from Totalpsychcare.com and then enter the Doctor Portal of Totalpsychcare.com and make a referral directly to a behavioral health professional. You may also use your established referral system using traditional fax or e-mail.

• Send the referral to the Referral Center, where a qualified professional can interview the patient or review patient information, and then assign them to the most appropriate therapist, medical prescriber, clinic, group, or treatment center.

Flow of Information and Record Management

The Behavioral Health Screens, generated from the physician’s office, flows safely and seamlessly to all referral sources to mold treatment recommendations. The screen can be transferred to a therapist's EHR where it serves as the template for the psychological assessment. This means the physician and behavioral health provider are literally on the same page with each other, working toward similar goals.

The physician will receive a copy of the initial interview provided from the referral source that is kept in the medical files. To insure HIPAA standards, all subsequent progress notes are kept with the mental health professional but available under the appropriate safeguards. Physicians will have constant access to the patient's Interoperable Patient Chart. They may view the communication log, the actions with the client, and all client documents at any time.