Integration of Behavioral Health
in Rural Medical Care
using Telehealth

Rural Patient Family

HIPAA-compliant access to mental health screens and professionals across the state who accept your patient’s insurance.

Foster patient-centered, specialized care without adding staff or a telehealth cart.

Generate Revenue.

Here's how it works:

You send a referral to Therapractic and we arrange an initial assessment with a licensed therapist, conducted via telehealth. We track the referral until completion and provide patient information on an interoperable patient chart.

  • We use the patient's inusrance or bill a contracted rate.

  • We provide insurance verification and billing services for telehealth services.

  • Answering and scheduling service to handle all of your telehealth needs, which can utilize your present scheduler.


Medical personnel have access to behavioral health screening tools that identify mental health status and potential red flags affecting health and response to treatment. All are accessible on a patient's cell phone or office tablet.

Select Therapists, Medical Prescribers, Groups & Treatment Centers through the Referral Center or on

Secure Messaging System

Interoperable Patient Chart

Encrypted/HIPAA – Compliant Telehealth Platform

Rural Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

Telehealth Site Fee
Brief Emotional/Behavioral Assessment

You may use these screens and serve the patient by providing the telehealth site for them to see the therapist. In doing so, you will be able to bill out to insurance and generate revenue for your practice whilst improving your patients' experience.


Facility fee: $50 per month, includes 18 behavioral health screens per month.

Also included are:

  • Referral Network

  • Doctor Portal

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform

  • Encrypted email system

  • Interoperable patient chart

Additional screens: $2.80 per administration.

Contracted Services (without insurance):

$125 - Initial Assessment
$100 - 53 minute session
$85 - 37 minute session
$30 - 15 minute session

Scheduling/Messaging Services

Contact a representative for the hospital and/or patient, receive referral assigns and tracks. Handles all necessary communication as directed.