Organize Groups and Networks


Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software with EHR that also: promotes and integrates large groups or institutional networks; receives, assigns and track referrals; securely shares internal information; transfers clients; facilitates supervision; and integrates with referring source networks securely. Regularly sends HIPAA-based training e-mails to workforce and tracks their completion.

Software specifically suited for

Behavioral Health Billing Companies; Accountability Care Organizations; EAP’s; Emergency Room Consultation services; Medical Centers; Human resources; University Counseling Centers; Nursing Home Service Companies; HMO’s; Inpatient Psychiatric Units; Tele=behavioral Health Companies; and Non-profit Organizations.

Other Features

A promotional website is specifically limited to the available therapists in the network along with a personal therapist website to highlight one’s credentials, demographics and specialties.

Our production team has designed this program to be integrated with API’s, meaning it can be seamlessly assimilated with other medical software. Let us modify this program to accommodate your particular needs. Ask Us how.


Do your providers care about HIPAA compliance as much as you do? Covered entities are protected by clinical notes that can’t be submitted unless compliant. Compliance with required HIPAA training is automatically tracked and notifications are provided to periodically re-assess written Policies & Procedures. Sample sanction policies clearly pinpoint expectations for the workforce.

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