Help Glossary – Therapist – Notes – Clients

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See graph above with glossary below:

  1. Add a new client – This will take you to the page to add a client.
  2. View your Therapist Activity Sheet – This will take you to your Therapist Activity Sheet, which holds information about your billing and visits with the clients.
  3. Search for Client Name – This is where you will be able to search for a specific client’s name.
  4. Search button – Click here or type ‘enter’ to search the client.
  5. Client Name – This will be the client’s first then last name.
  6. View Notes – This will take you to the Visits Index page with the list of notes that are on the client’s record.
  7. Email Client – To email the client with the email address that they have on record in the system, mouse over this button and it will explain how to do so.
  8. Invite Client to Schedule Visit – This will send an email to the client with the address they have on record with a link leading to your scheduler for them to schedule an appointment themselves.