Notes How-To Guide

Navigating to the Notes

You have the option to navigate to your "Notes" from the "Home" page, from the "Practice" page, or from the "Scheduler".

From the Home Page, click on "Notes".

SS 1 - Navigating to Notes

From the "Practice" page, type and select the client's name in the Client search box. Next, click "Services Provided".

SS 2 - Navigating to Notes from PM site

From the "Scheduler", click on the client's appointment box. Next, click "Options". Lastly, click "View Notes".

SS 3 - Navigating to Notes from Scheduler

Add a New Client

Note: You must add a new client before scheduling a first appointment or creating a Note. There will be not record of the client if you do not do this.

1. First, login to your account at
2. Click "Notes"
3. Click "Add a New Client"

SS 12 - Add a New Client

4. Enter the client's information, and click "Create".

SS 13 - Enter client info

You have now added a new client. You now have the ability to schedule appointments and create Notes for this client.

Create a Note

1. Login to your account at
2. Click "Notes"

SS 1 - Navigating to Notes

3. Type and select the client's name in the client search box. Note: You must add a new client before creating a note or scheduling an appointment. You may do so by clicking "Add a New Client". Once you have done this, you may then search for the client's name.

SS 4 - Search clients name

4. Click "View Notes" and you will be directed to the "Visit Index". Next, select the "Session Type". After you have selected the type of session, click "Add a Session".

SS 5 - Visit Index

5. Now that a session has been added, click "Begin as Therapist". Note: If the client has electronically signed the documents, "Required Documents Signed" will be shown under the client's name. If the client has completed the assessment, a white box "Completed by Client" will be flashing under "Begin as Therapist". This can also be seen in the scheduler. If the client has signed the documents and completed the assessment, "Forms Complete" will be shown in the appointment box.

SS 6 - Begin as Therapist

6. This section is where you will complete the Note. The Note consists of ten sections. An appendix of the ten sections is listed on the right hand side where you can quickly navigate by clicking on the desired section. Once you have completed the note, click the green “Next” tab on the bottom right hand side. If any of the required fields are not completed, a window will popup to notify you to complete the fields before proceeding further. If you prefer to finish the assessment at a different time, click the yellow “Save for Later” tab on the bottom right hand side.

SS 7 - Basic Preliminary Info

7. Once you have completed the note and clicked "Next", you will be directed to the "Visit" page where you may enter the Visit Info, Payment Info, and Optional Inpatient Info. Once you have filled out the information click "Next".

SS 8 - Finish note

8. You will be directed to a page to preview the Note. Once you have viewed the Note and seen that it is accurate, click "Complete".

SS 9 - Complete Note

9. You will now receive a notice about signing the note electronically and then sending the assessment to the referring doctor.

SS 10 - Sign/Send Note

10. You have now completed the Note. You now have the option to download the Note (PDF) or be directed back to the "Visit Index".

SS 11 - Download Note

11. In the "Visit Index", the Note has been completed if "Print" and "Addendum" are shown. An "Addendum" gives you the ability to insert any additional information.

SS 12 - Completed Note on Visit Index



Interoperable Patient Chart

The Interoperable Patient Chart is used to allow to communicate instantaneously between behavioral health and medical health offices.

— Patient Name and Date of Birth
— Send Update to Provider button - this will notify all providers with access to the patient's chart via email that there has been a change to the chart.
— Communication log entry and Log - You may make a note of to whom you spoke and what occurred in the interaction. In the log, you may review all other interactions with the patient (scheduled appointments, dates assigned to new providers, etc.)
IPC one

— Patient Documents
— Document upload area
— Medical and Mental Health documents associated with the patient. 'Medical' documents uploaded by the referring entity, and 'Mental Health' documents populated by the visits completed by therapists.
IPC two