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The purpose of Therapractic is to care for those who care for others. We work ultimately to strengthen the effort of improving the overall quality of mental health across the nation.

For this reason, we love to work with non-profit organizations. We share common goals and motivation. We want what you want.

Provide Best Patient Care

 Utilize our existing network.

We have gathered a network of therapists as well as medical entities who send and receive referrals for mental health care. We may provide your organization with referrals or sources to whom you may refer your patients.

We can help you to receive, route, and track referrals into or out of your organization. No patient ever need fall through the cracks with our comprehensive system.

 Open the door to bill insurance for your organization.

You can make your services available to many more patients in need by providing options for insurance payments for your services. You may have funding from other sources, but your patients may not be able to afford certain services that they need. This is where their insurance and our billing agency may step in.

Expand with telehealth.

Grow with the technological age and utilize telehealth to provide care to your patients. The benefit to this, besides the convenience of simply not needing to be in the same place as the client, is that you will be able to provide care to a much wider geological net of patients.
This includes rural underprivelaged areas.
With care being provided to rural areas, there are programs that provide the possibility of funding for your organization to allow free or discounted services through our network.


Securely & Effectively

Increased quality and speed of communication between healthcare providers yields increased quality and speed of patient care.

Encrypted, HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Platform

Secure Messaging System

Shared Patient Chart

Electronic Health Records

Leave the era of paper behind and embrace these secure, easy, tailor-made note templates.
Organize your staff’s time with our powerful online scheduler.
Provide best practices affordably that cover what the patient needs and comply with insurance standards.

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We may provide options for software customization for corporations with specific needs.

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