HIPAA, Medicare/Medicaid Sensitive Notes

Notes that satisfy HIPAA standards and PQRS criteria for Medicare/Medicaid compliance are virtually assured of satisfying documentation requirements for commercial insurance as well. Find out how our innovative EHR system makes notes fast and easy too. Your subscription includes a HIPAA-based Policy and Procedure Manual, a $370 value.


Compliance with HIPAA and Medicare

Minimize personal legal and professional vulnerabilities. Clinical notes will satisfy all identified HIPAA and Medicare/Medicaid documentation standards before they are successfully submitted into the record. Avoid repayment and penalties for neglecting a signature, diagnosis, goals, treatment plan or medical necessity criteria. Other compliance tools include: treatment duration timetables and re-assessment templates. Therapist notifications alert pending deadlines, when insurance is expiring or when deductibles are due. Encrypted messaging system allows secure communication of ePHI with workforce, billing staff, physicians, and of course, us!

Specialty Templates

In addition to the PQRS sensitive initial assessment form, intake templates are also included for hospitals and other environments such as nursing homes. There are pre-surgical assessments for pain management and weight loss surgery. No template for your specialization? We can build it. Supervisors can electronically co-sign a note and communicate with a supervisee about any potential concerns with a secure messaging system.

Note Storage

Reduce paper records and long-term record storage fees. All notes are encrypted and securely saved on the cloud. Organized compartments include: communication log; clinical and non-clinical notes; and consent forms, all easily up/down loaded, saved, retrieved and printed. Notes from previous EHR's can be conveniently stored on-line as well. Any intake or progress note created on computer or paper can be easily uploaded in a few seconds. Add addendums to completed notes. Billing information from completed notes is automatically recorded and stored on a Therapist Activity Sheet, meaning your biller has all the necessary information.

Patient Portal and Telehealth Readiness

All necessary preliminary forms can be e-mailed to the patient and electronically signed before the initial appointment, meaning clients can complete forms, including an intake inventory, on a tablet at home or cell phone in your office. Clinical information is automatically transferred from one clinical note to another, minimizing redundancy and softening documentation burdens. HIPAA sensitive consent, notice of privacy and release forms are populated with your identifying information. Perfect for telehealth.

Avoid Willful Neglect by Being HIPAA Compliant in Practice and Training Standards

Are you compliant with HIPAA, which requires written standards to address the 18 Security Safeguards? To our knowledge, no behavioral-based EHR includes a HIPAA-based Policy & Procedure Manual. Avoid willful neglect by receiving HIPAA training via emails to you and your workforce. When completed, compliance is automatically noted on the time-stamped activity log.


The scheduler is seamlessly connected with the entire management system to get around quickly & efficiently. Email appointment reminders include confirmations, personal messages and inform clients of their arrival time, rather than "actual" scheduled time.

“Although the time management and convenience of using the Therapractic EHR has been of great help, the single most important result has been the peace-of-mind experienced in knowing my documents are meeting all the current standards and guidelines”

— Dr. George D. Woodward, Licensed Psychologist