Simplify your behavioral health practice

with our complete practice management service.

Practice Software

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Insurance Verification

We do this work for you. You will only get the patients that hold the right insurances and are covered properly for all visits.

Billing and Collections

Once the visit is completed, our system will record the diagnosis codes and our expert staff will send out the billing to appropriate companies to make sure you get the most out of every session.

Insurance Pre-Certification

We will make sure that the patient is assured a certain amount of sessions with you so you don’t find yourself in a difficult predicament with a patient.


Online Notes

HIPAA Compliant notes system designed to cover all the bases and help you take care of your client.

Online Scheduler

Encrypted scheduler that is easy to use, flexible to your needs, and powerful for tracking notes and data.

Online Client Management

All of your clients in one, easily navigable place. Never wonder if a client is missing. Never let one slip through the cracks.


Verifying Appointments

Our staff verify all appointments according to instructions you give. We’ll make sure to call and/or email the client to remind them of the appointment and confirm their attendance.

Online Scheduling

With your schedule and your availability, we’ll fill up the calendar within bounds that you set.

Client Preparation

We’ll make sure your clients are prepared before they come in to see you. Consent forms and intake questions for an assessment are sent via email to the client to have filled out previously.

Call Answering

Focus on your Client

Allow your focus to be on the client in front of you, rather than being distracted by phone calls of a client trying to get a hold of you during therapy hours.

Your own Virtual, Human, Receptionist

No need to hire out, and no need to frustrate customers with a machine voice. Let them speak with our professional staff and we’ll take care of them well.

Client Service

We can call the patient to let them know their co-pay before to the appointment, and also confirm the appointment.


Therapractic Network Base

With our broadening base of medical and mental health professionals, there is a living flow of referrals. Patients may be sent from provider to provider in a way that complies with HIPAA privcy laws.

Open to All

Whether you are looking to receive referrals from medical doctors, or send referrals to other therapists that may not be involved, all may join for a free account to share referrals, with many features that supercharge the process upon upgrading.

Benefits of Integration

Improving behavioral health improves overall total health. You may use the advanced integration features of Therapractic as a carrot to market to medical systems. These include the interoperability of the Patient Chart between providers, instant referrals, and intelligent assessments.


Avoid the Headache

We have professional agents who will take care of this for you. They’ve been through the process with an assortment of insurance companies and can navigate the red tape trenches so you don’t have to.

Find Balance

Most ways that you may be credentialled are either expensive or hair-wrenchingly frustrating. We’ll get you a happy medium; an affordable rate, easy process, and good timing towards getting you in-network.

Expand your Influence

By credentialling with more insurances, you make your aid available to many more people who need you and your speciality to live happier lives.


Referrals from Across the State

Our network is constantly building. You’re reach of care is be extended to span the state, rather than just the driveable distance around you. Your practice will expand to include rural areas as well.

Close the Geographical Gap

Distance is no longer an inconvenience. You can see patient’s from your office or home WHILE they are in theirs.

Specialize your Practice

By extending your referral net, you will be able to be selective of which clients you wish to take and focus in on the issues you wish to treat most.


Become Educated

If you don’t know much about HIPAA compliance, we’ve provided ample resources four you to learn more. We have also provided a resource manager for you to upload your own resources to our cloud storage for later reference.

Software that Covers you

Our encrypted system was intensely worked and tested to make sure that electronic patient health information (e-PHI) could not be in the wrong hands. You can take comfort with this software that will guide you to worry-free therapy.

HIPAA Policy & Procedure Manual

We have provided a basic manual with guidelines for a generic private practice. This template is editable so that you can make sure it fits your exacting needs for your practice.

We want to help you make a plan for your practice. We would be happy to perform a needs assessment and find out what your practice is like and reccommend the optimal service plan for you.

“Therapractic MANAGEMENT Systems has absolutely simplified my practice and my life. I am totally mobile, spend very little time on the phone, and don’t worry about billing, collections, marketing, etc. I AM FREE; free to see my clients and enjoy my life.”