Practice Software

Simplify your mental health practice while being free of compliance worries.

  • A seasoned, local staff handles your office remotely, saving you labor, time, hassle, and money.
  • HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid sensitive electronic health records with scheduler.
  • Government required HIPAA-based Policy & Procedure Manual with compliance training

Pick and choose a solution that works.

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Virtual Practice

Virtual Office Solution.

Escape the office with online practice management that takes the referral, schedules appointments and handles billing & collections.

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Electronic Health Records - Safety and Stability First

With audits, sanctions, insurance recoupments/adjustments, PQRS, and telehealth becoming part of the healthcare landscape, compliance with HIPAA, Medicare, and Medicaid standards yields practice stability. If you're in a small practice wanting safety and convenience, or an institution with plenty to protect, then compliant tools, practices and notes get the job done.

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Practice Phone Help

Modifiable HIPAA-based Policy & Procedure Manual

Required by law, the P&P is supported with GAP analysis, Risk assessment and over 100 forms/resources. Required workforce training is e-mailed to your network and automatically recorded on the Time Stamped Activity Log when completed. Encrypted e-mail, P&P re-assessment notifications, and HIPAA updates keep you in the safe zone.

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“Therapractic MANAGEMENT Systems has absolutely simplified my practice and my life. I am totally mobile, spend very little time on the phone, and don't worry about billing, collections, marketing, etc. I AM FREE; free to see my clients and enjoy my life.”

— David A. Hooten, LPC, LMFT (Over 25 years in practice)