A Guide to Using the Notes

Add a New Client

Note: You must add a new client before scheduling a first appointment or creating a Note. There will be not record of the client if you do not do this.

  1. Login to your account at www.therapractic.com

  2. Make sure you are on the “Scheduler” tab.

  3. Click “Add a New Client”

  4. Enter the client’s information, and click “Create”.

  5. Fill out the rest of the client’s information that is needed here.

  6. You have now added a new client. You now have the ability to schedule appointments and create Notes for this client.

Create a Note

  1. Navigate to the Patient Chart, to the Patient Documents section, and find the area labeled “Add Service”.

  2. Click on the dropdown menu next to “Service Type:” that says “–Select–“. You may type the name of the type of note you wish to complete, or scroll and click on the one you wish.

  3. Click on the green + box () next to the dropdown menu to add the service.

Complete a Note

  1. This section is where you will complete the Note. The Note consists of various sections. An appendix of the sections is listed on the right hand side where you can quickly navigate by clicking on the desired section. You may also search the entire notes page by utilizing the function built-into your browswer: Ctrl+F (Cmd ⌘+F for Mac) and typing in the desired phrase.

  2. At the top of the notes page is a section where you may enter the Visit Info, Payment Info, and Optional Inpatient Info. Throughout the note are fields for your own notes, or you may simply select one of the options for the question. Be sure to fill out something on every question that says “Required Field” above it. Some of these may already have information in them that the client has filled out in the intake that was sent to them. They will not see all of the questions, and those they do see are taylored to be more easily understood. See here to learn how to send the client the intake.

  3. After completing all the required quesitons and clicking the “Next” button on the bottom right hand side. If you prefer to finish the assessment at a different time, click the yellow “Save for Later” tab on the bottom right hand side. In clickin the “Next” button, you will be directed to a page to preview the Note. Once you have viewed the Note and seen that it is accurate, click “Complete”. If any of the required fields are not completed, a window will popup to notify you to complete the fields before proceeding further. If you wish to jump to an area to edit or complete it, you may find it on the report review and click on the title.

    SS 9 - Complete Note

  4. You will now receive a notice about signing the note electronically and then sending the assessment to the referring doctor.

    SS 10 - Sign/Send Note

  5. You have now completed the Note. You now have the option to download the Note (PDF) or be directed back to the “Patient Chart”.

  6. In the “Patient chart”, the Note has been completed if “View PDF” and “Addendum” are shown. An “Addendum” gives you the ability to insert any additional information.