Practice Management

Calls and Scheduling

Most or all of your practice can be handled remotely with local staff. Your client calls to relay required info, provides it at your website, or we process a fax referral, reducing or eliminating the costs of a receptionist.
We have services available to handle all of your calls and scheduling. You won’t ever need to be interrupted by the phone during a session again, and you’ll get the pleasent surprise of a full schedule!

A to Z Processing

Our staff informs you of the patient referrals to which you can accept or reject. The insurance is verified, noting the appropriate benefits, co-pays, deductibles and estimated collection on first visit, all communicated in a follow-up e-mail. Escape the hassles of claim submission as they’re automatically submitted upon completion of the note. Re-verify insurance with the touch of a button. We aggressively follow-up to collect rejected claims. You can monitor every step on a tracking board.

Local Billing Support

Therapractic billing services are not outsourced to foreign countries. In fact, we actively recruit reputable billing companies in your area that know insurance carriers, laws, and have established relations in the field to process your claims successfully. Rely on us to locate the best service in your area or you can simply improve the service with your existing billing company (while making their job easier too)!

Encrypted Communication System

The patient is capable of completing new client information, consent forms and initial intake electronically before the first visit. Communicate with your practice management team, workforce and covered entities through a secure messaging system. Physicians can send referrals through a doctor portal, are notified when the initial appointment has been set, and then sent the completed assessment safely on-line.

Online Marketing

A therapist listing on has a “specialization filter” to recruit “targeted” patients for your practice. then directs the potential client to your individualized website where they may get more detailed information and complete necessary forms electronically, making this secure system ideal for telehealth communications.

Providing More Clients

We inform local doctors, hospitals, referral centers, insurance carriers, and clients of your specializations and availability. Specific services such as telehealth, pre-surgical assessments, and access to special populations may be available. Easily transfer and receive referrals within our network.

Doctor Portal

Physician referrals may be directed to you exclusively if safely transmitted through the doctor portal, available in your personal website. Want to transfer ePHI after the referral process or accept patient files? Communicate effectively and quickly through encrypted messaging.


Therapractic tools and services are intuitive and easily mastered with availability at any time or place that has a dial tone. Using encryption, firewalls, and backups, our system complies with HIPAA regulations and provides you with safely stored and easily accessible records. To fortify HIPAA compliance and safeguard ePHI, you can determine one’s levels of access within your system. For instance, a workforce member worker may have access to HIPAA training modules and encrypted e-mail, but not to patient files or the time-stamped activity log.

Join Insurance Panels

We have the expertise to help you become members of insurance networks and may defer those costs over time to minimize upfront expenses. Contact us for specific details about credentialing and we can discuss your needs.