Feature Set

Maintain Compliance with Up-to-date Information & Materials

  • Continually inform you of the most recent changes to health care laws
  • Links to helpful and relevant information online
  • Resources to outside materials that help you stay compliant and in-the-know
  • Ability to save your own links

Templates & Forms to Keep Your Practice Compliant

  • Newly required Privacy Notices
  • Newly required Business Associate Agreements
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Business Associate Agreements & Workforce Agreements to completely cover confidentiality and privacy
  • Policies to keep your practice safe and secure (e.g. Breach Notification, Sanctions, etc.)
  • Logs to maintain records of activities and have protection in case of an audit

Secure Cloud-based Storage & Retrieval


  • Encrypted transmission of information via a 256-bit SSL connection
  • All data is stored on our secure servers and never transmitted to any external servers
  • Only accessible by authenticated users in your organization that you define, such as external billing services (Group Subscription required)
  • Email style interface with ability to add attachments, send to multiple recipients, and archive messages
  • Messages will be saved according to HIPAA standards to protect data and authenticity
  • Ability to receive notifications that there is a new message in your inbox

Time-Stamped Activity Log

  • A secure and permanent way to log activity events for your practice that are time-stamped for audit protection
  • Automatic entries with certain services in our system
  • Ability to manually create entries for any event you deem necessary to document
  • Ability to view log online or print at any time

Training Modules

  • Monthly training to help you keep up to speed with ever-changing rules
  • Topics include HIPAA, Omnibus, Medicare, and other government regulations
  • Easily enables you, your staff, and your practice to keep up with another area of compliance

Email Reminders for Timely Adherence

  • Sign up for email reminder notifications for deadlines, meetings, and other compliance-based events
  • Specify the frequency and duration that meet your practice's needs

How To