A Guide to Using the Tracking Board

What is the purpose of the Tracking Board?

The Tracking Board is defined in it’s name. It is used to track the progress of the patient along the process of care. This board is found in several places for convenience, including: The Tracking Board tab at the top, the Patient Chart, the Client list, the Scheduled Appointment screen, and the Client Actions screen on the scheduler.

You may filter the Tracking Board by searching the client’s name, or using the Doctor dropdown menu to find only those who have been referred to you by certain referring entities. You also may organize the records by clicking on any of the headers to the columns to sort them according to that column.

What do each of the columns mean?

  • Name/Patient Chart – Client name and link to the Patient’s Chart. You may click on the client’s name to see an overview of their chart in a smaller window.

  • Referral Received – The initial date the client record originated in Therapractic.

  • Provider Assigned – The date the client record was transferred or ‘assigned’ to a provier.

  • Provider – The name of the provider to which the client record is currently assigned.

  • Referral Accepted – The date the client record was accepted for treatment by the provider.

  • Insurance Verified – The date the insurance of the patient was verified.

  • Initial Pre-Auth Received – The date the insurance pre-authorization for treatment was received.

  • Initial Appointment Scheduled – The date scheduled for the first appointment for the client.

  • Next Appointment Scheduled – The date scheduled for the following appointment for the client.

  • Initial Performed – The date the client’s first appointment was completed by the therapist.

  • Initial Billed – The date the appointment was billed out on the Billing Sheet

  • Unable to Contact – The date the client was marked as “Unable to Contact” and a message was sent to the referring entity to inform them.

The Tracking Board window

You’ll notice the popup window (that is accessed by clicking on the name of the patient from the Tracking Board) has a different appearance from the columns on the Tracking Board. It serves several different purposes besides being a more convenient way to see the tracking from other pages.

  • You are able to edit the date of completion of any one of these steps. Marking a date on an empty space will mark the step as completed.

  • The check box allows you to mark a step as completed at any time. As you check the box, you will notice the green check on the right as confirmation that it was recorded.

  • The button at the bottom, labeled “Remove from TB:”, will mark all steps as completed and remove the patient from your Tracking Board. This change will take effect immediately, but you will not see the record removed until refreshing the page. Manually marking each step as completed will perform the same function. Thus, to undo the removal, you may find the client’s tracking board window on any other page and un-check the box for any step to bring the patient back to your Tracking Board.