Information About
The Psychological Assessment & Treatment Plan


Involvement in weight loss surgery is leading you to be thinner, healthier, happier, and more active!

What is the role of behavioral health in weight loss and why am I consulting with someone for that?

While bariatric surgery is proven to be effective, the weight will probably creep back on without some personal life-style changes. The behavioral health assessment helps identify factors affecting successful surgery and long-term weight loss, leading to a specific plan for reaching your goals.

What you can expect:

  • First, the consent forms and initial intake questionnaire are completed on-line or in the office.
  • Psychological testing helps to clarify how you’re describing yourself in a number of areas.
  • Therapist consultation directly or by telehealth to develop a plan preparing for surgery, preventing complications afterward, losing weight, and keeping it off.
  • Additional resources to work the plan on your own or with support from others.
What you’ll get:

  • Quick completion of the psychological assessment securely sent to your physician and other referral sources at your direction.
  • A written or on-line summary of the behavioral assessment and the suggested plan.
  • Pre-operative wellness program designed to prevent complications following surgery.
  • A personalized action plan organized on an online habit tracking program. “Bit by haBit” solidifies long lasting attitudes and behaviors proven to sustain long-term weight loss, improve health, longevity, and life satisfaction.
  • Access to a behavioral health therapist specialized in health and weight loss promotion.
  • Access to an online bariatric support group where members can answer questions and provide one another encouragement.

The bottom line is behavioral health is just one more piece of the puzzle helping you get what you want:
longer, better, healthier life.