A Guide to Using the Compliance Manager

Log In

Once you have created an account and purchased the services you want, log in with the email and password that you registered with at sign up. Navigate in your internet browser to the Compliance Manager.

Introduction & Interface

The Compliance Manager is basically a cloud-based storage and retrieval system with numerous documents to help keep your practice in compliance. It is divided into the following 4 areas: Therapractic Files, My FilesLinks and Resources, and Compliance Notifications.

  1. Therapractic Files is the main area with the majority of content, featuring many forms, templates, and informational material. It consists of the following sections:

    • Administrative Documents: Checklists, clerical information, and office policies to help with the administration of your practice

    • Agreements: Contractual agreements and information to ensure compliance among workforce and business associates

    • Logs: Templates to log meetings, supervision, ePHI tracking, etc.

    • Practice Management Forms: Forms to help you manage your practice

    • Regulatory Materials: Quotes and summaries of the Law that regulate specific areas of your practice

    • Risk Analysis & Management Templates: An array of blank and pre-populated templates to help guide you in assessing risk and creating procedures for each section of the HIPAA Security Rule, as well as any area you feel your practice needs to assess

    • Samples: Examples of many of our templates as well as other sample resources

  2. My Files is where you can store and upload files such as your customized forms based on our templates or complete logs and risk templates. In addition, you will easily be able to access finalized versions of your TheraPolicy. This will help you stay organized and have all your compliance materials on the cloud at your fingertips, preparing you for everything from local data loss to audit preparation. We recommend that you do not store PHI in this section.

  3. Links and Resources is a database of websites and resources. It has all types of detailed and helpful information we have gathered to aid in your journey to maintain compliance, stay organized, and build a practice that focuses on helping your clients.

  4. Compliance Notifications is where you can manage email reminders for any type of compliance based event, such as the ones set up during the creation of your TheraPolicy.

Download Files

If you want to download a file, go to the appropriate section (e.g., Agreements section under the Therapractic Files) and find the file you want (e.g., Business Associate Agreement). You will then click on the file name, and depending on your browser setting, it will ask you to save or open the file directly.

The majority of the files are completely editable, such as word processor documents and spreadsheets, so you can modify them as you see fit. For instance, with the “Business Associate Agreement” you can open the document in your word processor and add the names of you and your business associates (e.g., Billing Services) and save the file.

Upload Files

Next we recommend that after you have completed your personal modifications, you upload the saved copy to your My Files.

Edit a group

  1. To do so, navigate to My Files by returning to the Compliance Manager’s main page, located under the dropdown menu with your email on the top of the screen, then the HIPAA expanded menu.

  2. By default, there is a group entitled “My First Group” that we recommend you edit to begin.

  3. For example, click the “Edit (My First Group)” button  and update the Title (e.g., My Agreements) and the Description (e.g., All of my business associate and workforce agreements).

  4. To create a New Group, use the same process, but instead of editing , click the button “Add New Group”.

Add a file

  1. To upload your file, click the “Add” button. A dialogue box will appear showing the group name (e.g., Add to My Agreements).

  2. Then create a “File Description” so you can easily identify the file you are uploading (e.g., Business Associate Agreement – Billing Service).

  3. Select the type of file or resoure you are saving. (File or Link)

  4. Next, click the “Choose File” button. A navigation pane should appear on your screen. Locate the file you are looking for on your local computer and select it.

  5. Finally, click the “Save” button. You now have your customized file saved to your personal secure cloud.

Add a file to My Resources for messaging

  1. After a file has been uploaded and saved, click on the “Edit” button next to it.

  2. You may edit the “File Description” at this point.

  3. Next, click the “Make Resource Available in Messaging” check box.

  4. Finally, click the “Save” button. You now have your customized file available to you in your messaging resources to be quickly sent to others in the Therapractic network.

You can follow this same process in the Links and Resources area to save your personal website favorites.

Time-Stamped Activity Log

The Time-Stamped Activity Log is where entries, both automatic and manual, are permanently stored. To enter the log, you may do so from the dropdown menu with your email at the top of your screen, then the HIPAA expanded menu.

Once you are in the log, you will see stored entries. For example, once training modules have been marked as completed, they are automatically logged. You can also manually add new entries to permanently save them. Once entered, they cannot be altered or deleted. At any time you choose, you can generate a PDF file of the log by clicking the “Print Log” button.

Manually added entries can include anything, such as documenting a team meeting about HIPAA Privacy and Security or the hiring of new staff, including their title (e.g., HIPAA Security Officer). As with all of our services, you can decided the extent to which you wish to use the Time-Stamped Activity Log.


The possibilities for how you choose to use this system are virtually limitless. We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you need help navigating or understanding the plethora of material, please Contact Us.