Feature Set

Create, Manage, and Store Therapy Notes for Your Clients.

  • Create Medicare/Medicaid-sensitive therapy notes online
  • Demonstrate PQRS Compliance
  • Client mode allows clients to provide information autonomously
  • Notes are stored securely in the cloud

Create Medicare/Medicaid-sensitive Therapy Notes Online

  • Pre-built note templates
    • Initial Assessement
    • Behavioral Health Progress Notes
    • Behavioral Health Re-evaluation
  • Custom templates available

Demonstrate PQRS Compliance

  • Ask all required questions autommatically
  • Download documentation of what questions were asked for every client

Client Mode Allows Clients to Provide Information Autonomously

  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Enables your clients to provide answers to many of the questions on their own

Notes Are Stored Securely in the Cloud

  • Completed notes are electronically signed and stored as PDF files on our secure servers
  • Access your notes from anywhere
  • Create Addenda for completed notes
  • Download all notes for a client with the click of a button