Your negative emotionality levels are high

Negative emotionality, present at birth, is the habit of nervousness, anxiousness, irritability, sadness, anger and becoming easily upset in situations judged to be threatening, frustrating or involving loss. There are more frequent and highly intense emotional reactions that are out of proportion to the situations at hand. For those of us having trouble rolling with the punches, our brains may be hardwired to be more sensitive to threat, to watch our surroundings more carefully for things that could go wrong, to become more easily overstimulated in trying situations, and to take longer to recover a sense of calm after getting rattled. Emotional upsets may be especially hard on our bodies, increasing stress hormones, and blood pressure while lowering our long-term ability to fight infections. Research suggests many health problems, shortened life span and less life satisfaction related to emotional reactivity.

Especially since this type of person may also be intelligent, creative, intuitive, self-aware, and self-critical, specific tools for personal development can be helpful when applied wisely.

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