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Virtual practice

Total virtual practice management.

"This laptop IS my office." - David Hooten, LPC

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Virtual Referral Increase

Steady referrals

Clients from across the state

You can see clients hundreds of miles away without inconvenience through telehealth. Widening the geographical net allows you to specialize.

Clients that fit

Our team will refer clients in your comfort zone (gender, age, etc.) and specializations.

No marketing for clients

Therapractic has a growing network of doctors and therapists to build your practice.

Free to roam

Virtual Therapy

Utilizing the telehealth service, log into your online waiting room and provide care through your screen!

Internet-based EHR

All the necessary tools are available at your fingertips, wherever you go.

HIPAA Secure

Your files are secure and notes are compliant, safeguarding against breaches and financial consequences of an audit. With Therapractic, you can rest easy, breathe freely, and relax!

Virtual Perks

Join us in serving rural communities

(without putting your shoes on.)

Virtual practice and free time

All the perks


Enjoy the freedom from managing your schedule. We'll email and call your clients to remind them of the appointment.

Answering service

No session interruptions or missed calls. We'll answer the phones and allow you to focus on the client at hand.

No office staffing

Never train a new hire again. We've got it covered with our experienced professionals.

Leave it to experts

Insurance verification

Our remote staff will verify each patient's insurance and indicate the needed deductibles and copays.


Rest easy that our experts will bring home the income you've earned giving special effort to the difficult claims.

Panel credentialing

Save yourself the time and hassle of filling out confusing applications. We'll get you on the needed insurance panels.

Trust the Experts

We know you work hard and have a lot on your plate. We can help.

Make a Living. Have a Life.

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Access to secure, encrypted messaging to anyone else in the system.

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