Because integrated care is the best practice.

Therapractic provides software and service to integrate behavioral health services within your unique setting.
We develop custom programs to fit your specific needs and specifications for a single user or to scale.

“The ability to complete notes online quickly from my PC, phone, tablet, or laptop has made life so much easier, efficient, and convenient. Therapractic has been a blessing for myself and my clinicians!” – John Maples, M.S., LPC-S, Director of Counseling Center at Lubbock Christian University

“We have been able to design a system that fits us specifically, with expert project planning and costs that are agreeable with our non-profit requirements.” – Sandra Bingaman, Director, Business Operations, Corrections Services at Gateway Foundations

Therapractic has been built and engineered for seamless integration, quality patient care and practice management. We’ve extensively designed a system to work in the real-life situations of healthcare. For all practices, Therapractic is there to help you. It was made for you. To enable you to sharpen and facilitate good health practices.